Repair and Maintenance of Water Meters

Date: 02/02/2015
If the water pressure is weak because the old pipe is clogged and the meters need to be shifted, customers will conduct procedures for repair and attach water bills. After receiving the documents, the Company’s staff will check, survey and prepare cost breakdown and the customers will pay the repair cost at the Company.
  1. Conditions for Water Meter Maintenance.
  • Water meters are maintained due to the following main reasons:
  1. It does not work.
  2. Its tolerance exceeds allowable level of  ± 5%
  3. The indexes on the water meter are not clear.
  4. The water meter is due periodical replacement as regulation (5 years onwards).
  5. Water meter is broken due to strong water pressure.
  1. Guidance on checking water system upon leakage suspicion after water meter.
Step 1: To define pipeline installed inside the house.
Step 2: To close all equipment using water (water is not used during checking).
Step 3: To read the index, after 30 minutes, to read the index again. If the index movement is found, it means that leakage has occurred.
Step 4: To check the leakage at water fountain, tank, to repair or replace all leaked equipment.
Step 5: To check toilet by putting 2-3 drops of food coloring into the toilet water tank, wait about 10-15 minutes if the color of water is changed, the toilet float valve needs to be replaced.
Step 6: To check all pipeline installed from the meter to inside the house and repair upon detection of leakage.
  • Signs of water leakage inside the house.
  1. The index of water meters keep rotating when the water is not used (upon equipment using water after the meter is closed).
  2. There is the sound of constant running water (like the sound of water running inside the toilet) though water is not being used.
  3. The house foundation is cracked, settled without clear reasons.
  4. There is the seepage at some areas on the wall or the floor without water spill.
  5. Bill charge is increased month by month (comparison of  monthly bill)
  6. There is the bad smell from the floor and the wall near drainage or sewer.
  7. Plants and grass in the yard grow unevenly.
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