Water meter installation

Date: 02/02/2015
1/ Procedures of new installation, shifting and size change of water meters for households

- Households having legal houses (owning one of documents as house, land ownership certificate, household certificate, no notarized house confirmation) have not had treated water meters of the Company.

- Households are located in the water supply network of Dong Nai Water Joint Stock Company and located in the areas not to be acquired by local authorities.

- Customers may contact Technical and Planning Section of the Company to get documents or access the web page of the Company to download the application form for new installation, shifting and size change of water meters and attach some documents required case by case as follows:

      * For new installation of water meters

- Customers will fill all necessary information in the application form of new installation of water meter and attach one of the following documents (notarized papers or original copy for checking):

+ Permanent stay certificate (duly declare family members in the households for registration of rated domestic water use)
+ House, land ownership certificate.
+ Contract of transferring the house ownership right made at the state notarized authority or People’s Committee of District where the house is located and house registration fee has been paid.
+ House granting certificate issued by internal agency or house granting decision issued by competent authorities.
+ Long term house lease contract of individual or state.
+ House construction permit.
+ House number permit issued by competent authorities of Districts.
+ Decision issued by competent authorities or enforcement judgements by court which confirm the ownership, use and inherit of house asset.
+ Temporary stay confirmed by the Ward, Commune Police Station.
+ Temporary stay confirm by team leader of Quarter.
+ Decision by competent authorities regarding handing over of land to the Employer of construction Works (in case, the Works is under construction by the Employer, and has not been transferred to the users).
+ Having real house.

      * For lifting, shifting and change of water meters:
+ Customers fill sufficient information in the application form lifting, shifting, and change of water meters and enclose the newest water bill and description of water use demand as well. After receiving documents, survey section will check, survey, breakdown cost and customers will pay cost of lifting, shifting and change of water meters at the Company.

      * Settlement time:
+ Time for new installation, lifting, shifting and change of water meters is …….from the date getting the application form if there is not any difficulties (excluding the time for road excavation permit, if any).
+ If there is any difficulties, the Company will notify customers of difficulties in the soonest time.
      * Sequence of the water meter installation

Contents Venue Executed by Notes
- Submission of water use registration form. Receiving document Section (Technical and Planning Section) - Customers 01 set
- Survey, design of water supply system and meter. At location of installation. - Survey staff of the Company
- Customers
As per receipt of documents
- Signing the contract of water use Receiving document Section (Technical and Planning Section) - Customers
- Company
- Installation of the water meters and handing over At location of installation. - Dong Nai Water Supply Construction and Services Joint Stock Company
- Customers
 Staffs of Technical and Planning Section will install and keep as-built and handing over documents.
      * Installation cost:

- Free installation of water meter with the pipe length of ≤ 4 m from Ø≤ 25mm water supply distribution pipeline to the meter (in case of existence of water supply distribution pipeline of the Company).

- Customers will pay additional costs for distribution pipe length of >4m, concrete cutting (if any) as per cost breakdown made by the Company.

- In case of without existence of water supply distribution pipeline of the Company (or the distance far from installation location), households will contribute money for installation of water supply distribution pipelines.
Notes: If any main pipeline being managed by the Company is located in the corridor, pavement or as-phalted road, it is necessary to ask for road excavation permit. Asking for permit is in charge of the Company and time for getting permit will depend on the road management authorities (costs for granting road excavation permit, road boundary violation, road reinstatement shall be born by customers).
b/ Procedures for water supply for the project:

For newly established residential areas as per the approved planning, the project employer shall issue the letter to the Company requesting for water connection before the project is approved. If the water supply network under the management of the Company in the area is available, or water supply system is under the construction, an agreement letter for water connection issued by the Company is required. Before design documents of water supply system is approved, the Employer is requested to submit that documents for comments from the Water Supply JS Company. The comments shall comprise connection point, types of material and fittings, prevailing standards of material, details
in design documents (if any), construction, supervision, management of water supply network of residential areas, installation of water supply system and meters for households in the residential areas.
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